The President of HOLA
The Campus Alliance de La Raza

The Role of the President of HOLA:  HOLA, La Raza's culturally based sister organization, is the core of the Latino community.  HOLA co-sponsors our community meetings, which take place during the organization's regularly scheduled weekly meetings, Wednesdays at 5:00pm in Trabant 209/211.  The President of HOLA, although elected by the HOLA voting body, has an automatic seat on La Raza's Executive Board

The President of HOLA has voting privileges in La Raza, and his/her primary objective is to maintain the unity of the two organizations and keep both La Raza and HOLA within their respective missions.  What does this mean?  The HOLA President's presence at La Raza board meetings will ensure that La Raza remains politically based while HOLA remains socially and culturally based.  Overlap should be avoided if at all possible.

In the event that the HOLA President is unavailable to attend La Raza Executive Meetings, La Raza requests that the HOLA President send his/her Vice President or someone else from his/her board.  Maintaining unity and coordinating agendas is a high priority for both organizations.


For any additional guidelines or advice, please feel free to contact La Raza Alumni, Past Presidents, or the Board of Directors of La Raza In Action.  Once again, congratulations on your accomplishments and please, call on the Alumni for support if and when you need it.

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En La Union Esta La Fuerza